Problem Resolution.

Problem Resolution

Critical facility problems include power and coolingreliability, hot spots, water and fire risks and risks of life-safety systemsinadvertently crashing the facility.
UE’s root-cause analysis includesassessment and study, power quality monitoring, airflow measurements andtesting.

Not all problems need to be resolved, especially whereresolution is costly, risky or otherwise disruptive.
But to effectively livewith and manage a problem, the risks need to be fully understood.

Many issues can be resolved at low cost and low risk.
UEis often engaged to dig into a failure, uncover the root cause and providemitigation options.
UE is often brought in to resolve a specific problem:

  • Failures, especially repeat failures causing unplanned downtime
  • Replacing and often re-configuring end-of-life equipment
  • Not enough white space, or too much white space
  • Not enough utility power, generator, UPS or PDU capacity
  • Not enough cooling capacity or hot spots/poor air management
  • Inability to perform required maintenance without presenting undue risk
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) shutdown risk
  • Water intrusion risk
  • Physical security risk
  • UE can lead or assist with emergency replacement offailed equipment including UPS systems, switchgear, generators and coolingequipment.
    Challenges can include the need to deploy temporary, rentalequipment and other work-arounds while permanent equipment can be sourced andimplemented.

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