Software License Optimization


From our vast experience, we know that most enterprise organizations find its very hard to track the licensing changes and the Product Terms during the term of the Enterprise Agreement.
Due to this, when coming to negotiate the renewal, Microsoft will have a significant advantage of licensing knowledge and here is where UE team of expert consultants will equip you with the licensing solution that fits to your organization and explain all about the licensing changes as well as the most current updates so you will be able to meet your short and long term targets and business goals.

In UE Consulting we invented advanced strategy processes to maximize the added value to our customer who are using On Premises, hybrid and cloud environments.
The comprehensive process “ASEM” includes the following categories:

  • Analysis
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Execution of strategy and Negotiation
  • Maintenance and optimization
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    The analysis stage is important stage where we gather data from the Enterprise mainly by interview managers and employees from different divisions like IT, Procurement, Finance and all relevant stack holder for the Microsoft EA renewal.
    In this stage we are setting the infrastructure for the process ahead and covering the org. with 360 degrees observations with regards to technology needs, software inventory, usage reports, software mapping and budget allocated including CAPEX / OPEX requirements.

    Strategy and Planning

    The strategy and planning stage is where we provide the customer with a few suitable licensing solutions that perfectly match the enterprise needs. We believe that focus on those licensing solution create better value to the customer in the negotiation process. After that we are set the for the negotiation while providing special tactics that support and leads to the implementation of the strategy.
    By doing that we are able to provide our customer the best results from monetary perspective and compliance.

    Execution of the strategy and negotiation stage

    We created The ASEM process, so you’ll be able to position your organization at the highest level of preparation, knowledge and experience needed to maximize your optimization and savings.
    That’s why in UE Consulting we use the proactive consulting approach.

    This approach allows us to always be on top of things and ensure we are up-to-date at eso our customer can maximize their benefits with very close service from our experts.

    Maintenance and Optimization

    The post renewal period is the time that we support our customers with all the benefits attained through Microsoft (Software Assurance Benefit) and help the customer optimize the software according to the changes of uses across the agreements years and assist with unique True Up calculations advisory.