Physical Security


Physical security systems have long been important inboth private and public sector settings.
Protecting people, assets and buildings themselves hasalways been a priority.
However, = until recently, these systems havetypically been somewhat rudimentary and stand-alone in nature. In asimpler world, that sufficed. However, the world has changed …drastically.

Today, security threats are very real, coming in manyforms from many different directions.
And, due to a number ofcatastrophic events in recent years, Physical security has become a priorityfor business owners and leaders alike.
Fortunately, technologicaldevelopments, including extensive application and integration of IT and IPnetworking now provide the foundation for sophisticated physical securitysystems that effectively support business needs in virtually anyenvironment.
UE has the skilled and experienced professional team tohelp you review/assess your current environments and provide guidance toachieve desired move-forward objectives.
UE’s team of expert security consultants have a wealth ofexperience providing our clients with effective guidance regarding the mostchallenging security threats facing business today.
With detailedattention to the future of our clients’ organizations, their strategic plans,objectives and budgets,UE provides comprehensive individualized solutions thatfacilitate prevention and mitigation of both internal and external threats.
UE provides a wide range of security orientedprofessional services, including, but not limited to:

  • Threat assessments and analysis
  • Security system and facility auditing
  • Security strategic/master planning and security standards development
  • beauty theme