Unified Communication and Contact Center.


Collaboration and Contact Center technologies have a profound impact on business today, greatly enhancing the way we communicate. UE is one of the few firms that has the expertise and experience to work across the full collaboration and Contact Center technology spectrum, from corporate to rapidly developing esports.

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Unified CommunicationsUnified Communications is the art of combining all communication strategies. It allows companies to access multiple methods of enterprise communications at the same time. The UC landscape is constantly evolving and growing. Here’s everything you need to know about Enterprise Unified Communications UC provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types and gives employees complete access to the companies’ tools and security, regardless of location or device. UC platforms may include various tools, such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Real-time messaging/chat
  • Broadcasting and webinars
  • Voice, including IP telephony
  • Voicemail and call recording
  • Contact center technliogy
  • Audio conferencing
  • Screen and file sharing
  • Presence and schedule management
  • Video
  • Quality monitoring and workforce monitoring
  • Contact Centers

    Ready to supercharge your agents and deliver the positive customer experiences that your customers deserve?
    Making customer communications fast, simple and personal is often easier said than done. The move to mobile, multi-device communication and the expectation of 24/7, 365 support all keep throwing challenges at contact centers. Find yourself the right technology partner, though, and you’ll be making both service automation and personalization happen, to contact center give your customers quality interactions in the way that they want, when they want!
    Our unique combination of business and technical know-how means were the perfect guides to work with you and identify, deploy and develop the best solution for your business. Built to complement the Voice Platform, Contact Center is an omni channel solution designed for businesses like yours to allow intelligent, collaborative customer service across single or multi-site organisations.
    Our broad range of complementary products and clever integrations means you can have a system tailored to meet your changing business needs and the ever-growing expectations of your customers!
    Deliver Personalization
    Maximize the value of every interaction through consistent, personalized service that drives offers and opportunities right for your customer.
    Increase First Call Resolution
    Ensure your customers reach the right people first time through effective segmentation and routing processes and maximize first call resolution.
    Boost Productivity
    Build strong customer relationships by providing your teams with collaboration and productivity applications allowing proactive,engaging and intelligent customer service.
    Provides Seamless Customer Experience
    Contact Center Multimedia allows your teams to manage various channels simultaneously through a single agent desktop interface. Allowing your teams to engage with your customers in their preferred ways and effortlessly escalate enquiries to different channels as required.