OJO Platform .


With the latest technology in real time tracking, OJO guarantee you a unique experience that you will never regret. With OJO you will get the highest level of productivity from your team while keeping your time, effort and money.

Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Do you want to maximize the productivity of your filed staff? If yes, OJO will be your secret key for this. Thus, monitoring and tracking the field staff visits and identifying and resolving problems that prevent your team from achieving the highest rate of customer visits, with OJO will never be an issue.

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Get Effective Communication

Communication in any business is a considerable challenge, isn’t it? But with OJO you will master it. OJO will help you unify and organize the methods of communications with your team. Consequently, an effective communication between heads and employees and between employees and each other will surely be guaranteed, so time to complete your tasks with the highest efficiency and without distraction.

Lower Your Operating Costs

Time to say goodbye to the additional costs as saving and reducing the operating costs with OJO will also be guaranteed. Now, with OJO, tasks that were essentially dependent on writing and documenting paper will be accomplished in an orderly digital manner at no additional cost. Thus, with OJO you will save your company’s paper expenses, eliminate the clutter of hard copies and finally quit paper consumption which is one of the most widely used resources in any company.

Distribute Tasks Easily

Saving time, money and effort is OJO’s perfect solutions. Thus, distributing daily or monthly tasks orally in meetings or by phone calls is not the best way but OJO will have the way. From now on with OJO, task tables will automatically and periodically be raised and distributed, so going to the office to obtain them will be from the past.