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Software License Optimization SLO

Software License

Software licensing, agreements, and program types are complex and understanding differing product releases, software assurance benefits, product use rights, and related product dependencies often result in companies under or over licensing software products and not being optimally licensed.
Our team will assist your organization evaluate what software licensing your organization is using, is entitled to use, and what licensing your organization optimally needs including minimizing the cost of software licensing and maintenance.

United Egypt is independent of Software vendors and software resellers / partners and does not sell softwareÖ"no conflict of interest".

If your organization has an Enterprise Agreement under Software Volume Licensing, you are required to perform an annual license True-Up reconciliation to inventory and report the number of the qualified desktops, underlying operating systems, users, and additional products (Servers, other desktop applications) added to your organization over the previous 12 months.
Our team will assist your organization accurately inventory your desktops, servers, operating systems and compare that to your overall licensing entitlement. If your organization deployed additional Software products in the previous 12 months, our team will partner with your organization to identify cost effective options to report the additional software use.  We also can assist those on Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions.

License Agreement

Deciding whether to renew a license agreement with Software Vendors is a major decision for any organization. Our team of professionals will assist you in making that decision, considering cost and benefits of renewal and your organizationís existing licensing entitlement and future licensing requirements.

Evaluating the many software licensing options, agreements, and program types available to organizations of all sizes and industries is time consuming and complex. Our will assist your organization in assessing and determining the software licensing programs and agreements that cost effectively align with your technology requirements and provide the most value for your IT investment.

"We do not sell software and are independent of Software vendors and software resellers who depend on organizationsí maximizing their software purchases."

Purchasing new volume licensing software or renewing software licensing agreements is becoming more complex with the introduction of new technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and other licensing programs that add additional complexity and cost. Our team of licensing professionals will support your organization navigate important purchasing decisions and ensure your organization is adequately prepared to maximize cost savings through optimal licensing and agreement solutions.

License Compliance

United Egypthelps organizations navigate compliance verification processes initiated by software publishers, including Software Asset Management (SAM) requests from Vendors and software resellers.

Compliance verification processes often result in findings that require organizations to make additional unbudgeted payments to software publishers.  

"The findings used to determine the amount owed to your software publisher can include errors and incomplete data."

If the compliance process has been started or completed, our team will independently verify that the compliance verification findings are accurate and complete.

If your organization has been notified of a pending compliance verification process, our team can prepare a reconciliation of software deployed vs. your software entitlement in a manner that allows you to understand the information being compiled.  In either scenario, we ensure that your organization understands the right licensing solutions available to you and assist in minimizing the costs you incur.  
"Unless properly managed, compliance verification can be expensive and disruptive to organizations."