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Infrastructure Wired and Wireless Network

Enterprise Networks connects people, information, and devices – securely, reliably, and seamlessly. The Enterprise Networks product suite includes:

•    Switches: Expect more from your network and save more on operations through innovations such as Energy Wise.
•    Routers: Deliver a superior customer experience, increased architectural scalability, and investment protection.
•    Wireless: Highly reliable, mission –802.11n networks that accelerate innovation for small to large businesses.
•    Management: Simplify network management, reduce errors, and speed troubleshooting while reducing operations costs.
•    WAN Optimization: Accelerate applications over the WAN, consolidate branch infrastructure, and empower cloud computing.

Data Center and Virtualization decreases costs, enhances scalability, and improves data center performance with unified computing. The Data Center and Virtualization product suite includes:
•    Data Center Switching
•    Data Center Management and Automation
•    Storage Networking Solutions
•    Application Networking Solutions
•    Data Center Security
•    Unified Computing System

United EG expert team has all the credentials to conduct an assessment for any existing infrastructure and provide the adequate report stating the enhancements that needs to be done in line with your business needs taking into consideration your future intended growth.

As network speeds increase, customers are demanding extra flexibility from their passive network, which must be future proof and easy to install and maintain. UNITED offers full data cabling systems in both copper and optical fiber, giving freedom of choice in the design and optimization of the overall network architecture.