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IP Intercom System

Intercom systems are different in nature. With majority of the systems serving residential applications, it is often missed that security applications demand a completely different set of functionalities than the commonly used for Residential and commercial based systems.

•    A wide range of communication units including those designed for barrier gates, airlocks, doors and shutters using a variety of connection technologies IP – SIP – 2-Wire Digital – 4-Wire
•    Instant replay with automated playback when call button is pressed – Very fast response of less than 100ms.
•    Superior Speech Intelligibility – Handsfree. 16KHz sampling. In simple words, it is much higher than HD voice.
•    Scalability Integrated Communication Networks with up to 14,280 networked Intercom Servers and up to 25,000 subscribers
•    Seamless logging on all levels, up to full audio/video recording for service quality assurance.

      Moreover, most important for our application