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3 ways to cut costs by 30%

According to research conducted by Gartner, there are three key ways to reduce software licensing costs by 30%.

  • Optimize Software Configurations
  • Recycling software licenses
  • Using software asset management (SAM) tools
  • In this article, we will explore each of the practices and inform you about how United Egypt can help you to implement them.
    3 way to cut your costs 1 - Optimize Software Configurations
    When purchasing software from large publishers, you will often find that there are complex use rights deriving from the software agreement. As well as this, it is a costly process, specifically the default configuration for most software. In order to reduce this spending, IT leaders must look for savings in the configuration of software, especially data center software. According to Hank Marquis, research director at Gartner, achieving software savings is a complex exercise, but the potential savings are too large to ignore - "such changes appear simple in hindsight, but they are not obvious, and your savings could be in the millions of dollars".

    At United Egypt, our team of professionals include certified SAM experts, who have experienced and knowledgeable resources that can verify license entitlements and provide optimization services to reduce or eliminate any discrepancies found. After conducting an analysis, we can provide you with a strategy and plan for the licensing solution that best suits your needs. And we don’t stop there! Not only do we execute strategy, but we support our customers in the post renewal period if any maintenance issues arise.

    2 - Recycle Software Licenses
    Recycling software licenses is the process of recovering unused license rights that you can reuse to avoid new license purchases. License recycling will reduce software spending as well as support and maintenance costs. In order to effectively do this, strong process control and metering is required to spot unused, underused or misused software. For example, a user may have a piece of software installed but never actually use it — or perhaps the user only requires a viewer. SAM tools, and some client management tools, can provide this functionality.
    3 - Use SAM Tools
    As specified above, due to the complexity of licenses, optimizing software spending can be complex and labor-intensive. Therefore, specialized knowledge is needed and SAM tools are often necessary for larger enterprises. A SAM tool can automate, accelerate and improve manual processes. It can pay dividends over manual alternatives, and can often pay for itself.

    How can United Egypt help you cut your costs? At United Egypt, our team of experts specialize in providing software licensing solutions that meet your business’ needs. We can assist you in every step of the process to help your business cut its spending by ensure you are using the right software license. We can also assist you in purchasing a new license if required.
    Call our experienced experts today on +(202)22694530. You can also email us on info@unitedeg.net or use our contact form to leave a message.
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