Cabling & Physical Infrastructure


One constant over the years as technology has converged onto common platforinfo@amozon.us ms is cabling. 
UE has helped thousands of clients plan,budget, design and implement their wired and wireless information transport systems and technology infrastructures.


It’s probably the least glamorous part of information technology – the conduits and cables hidden behind walls, in floors and above ceilings; unseen by end users. 

Historically viewed as a “utility”, low-voltage cabling and supporting conduits were seen as expenses to be minimized.  However, with the convergence of voice, data, AV, security and other emerging building systems, the low-voltage physical infrastructure has become a critical link in the delivery of reliable high-performance business services. 
Moving forward, both wired and wireless components of the physical infrastructure will become even more critical and need to be even more flexible in order to accommodate constantly increasing transmission speeds and bandwidth requirements.

UE’s Physical Infrastructure Practice is comprised of highly skilled and credentialed professionals
UE infrastructure team specializes in designing and managing the implementation of the physical infrastructure for new construction, tenant improvements and renovations. 
We strive to maximize our clients’ investment in technology over the span of time they occupy facilities, enabling the seamless integration of all low-voltage technologies on converged network platforms. 

We are expert in:

Information Transport System (ITS) /Structured Communications Cabling Systems (SCCS) Design
UE consultants have successfully completed hundreds of IT/telecom copper and fiber cabling design projects over the past 15+ years.

From single-site to large complex campus environments, we can effectively address your cable design needs for:

ITS / SCCS, including copper, fiber and coax horizontal, backbone and riser cabling, cable termination/management, and cable administration Wireless infrastructure and access point locations.

We can also effectively address your associatedinfrastructure design needs for:

Technology spaces such as server rooms, riser rooms, MPOEs, MDFs, BDFs and IDFs Intra- and inter-building cable pathways including conduits, cable trays and conveyance methods.

UE team includes certified designers, CAD and drawing professionals, and project managers. 
Our team of expert consultants are experienced in industry best practices and standards for ITS / SCCS and supporting infrastructure. 
We are skilled and experienced working with client architectural and engineering teams

Outside Plant and Campus Cable Design

UE has extensive outside cable plant design experience. 
We have designed outside cable plant systems for many divers ecampus environments, including Corporate, Healthcare, Government and Private,as well as Retail and Residential land developments.

Our consultant team includes certified specialists who clearly understand the issues associated with designing underground pathway systems for single and multi-mode fiber, high pair-count copper, and coax trunk cabling. 
We also have extensive expertise in resilient network design; capacity planning; telecommunications carrier entrance facility design/coordination; duct, pull box and vault sizing;trenching and back fill specifications; and grounding and lightning protection.

Wireless Network Design

UE can help you design and deploy wireless technology for your building or campus. Our consultants have extensive expertise and experience in wireless technologies such as DAS, WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP, RFID,VoWLAN, and MIMO, and have designed wireless applications across a broad spectrum of industries and environments.

For new deployments, we utilize sophisticated wireless modeling tools that overlay wireless design on building CAD files and predict the quantity and placement of wireless devices and supporting infrastructure based on construction materials and Client throughput requirements.  This eliminates guesswork, facilitates a workable real-world design, and ensures that you won’t install more equipment than you need.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being adopted by progressive architectural and engineering firms around the world as a means to increase productivity in building design and construction.  Autodesk®Revit® Architecture is the 3D software purpose-built for building information modeling (BIM).  Think CAD in a 3D computer design model.  Because Revit and BIM are new and very sophisticated, few consulting resources that architects and engineering firms rely on for specific expertise are knowledgeable of or capable of working in Revit.  This is true especially in technology-related disciplines.

UE is the exception.  Considered one of the most progressive of leading technology-related independent consulting firms, UE has invested in BIM/Revit software, training and integration of the systems into our processes. 
Having successfully completed major IT, telecom, physical security and audiovisual design projects in BIM, we understand what is requiredto effectively support architects and engineering firms using Revit for BIM. 

The UE team includes certified designers, CAD and BIM/Revit drawing professionals, and project managers. 
Our consultants are expertly trained and experienced in industry best practices and standards for Structured Communications Cabling systems and supporting infrastructure.  We are skilled and experienced working with client architectural and engineering teams.

Our expertly trained and experienced consultants can provide the highest standards of structured communications cabling systems for your organization. Contact us today.