Services - Data Center Planning and Strategy


To help businesses make informed decisions, UE’s team of experts develop tailored strategic

sourcing strategies for their data

center facilities. UE’s knowledge base covers IT infrastructure, applications, DR, real estate,

finance, operations and engineering



Organizations turn to UE when confronted with major decisions regarding their data center

strategic planning. Common

questions decision-makers ask their IT teams are:

• Should we upgrade or expand our data center?

• What are my options for incorporating cloud services into my enterprise?

• How do I effectively plan and provision for data center demand?

• What data center  disaster recovery configuration is best-suited for my business?

• Is it more cost-effective to build a data center or co-locate?

• Where is the best data center locations to minimize  costs and minimize risk?

UE’s team of experts has helped corporations and mid-size organizations answer these questions

and execute decisions based on

our vast experience and understanding of the critical components of any data center strategy.

UE has all of the knowledge and expertise for each critical strategy component under one roof. We can help you fit the pieces of

the puzzle together and prepare a strategy that will be well researched, backed by real data and proven analysis, and addresses

the fundamental questions required to get your project green-lighted.